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Joe Coughlin, Publisher
1:17 pm CDT March 17, 2020

What a week to introduce myself.  But I am pleased to go ahead. My name is Joe, and I am the publisher of 22nd Century Media, the company that operates The Glencoe Anchor and its 14 sister publications. As of this issue, I am excited to announce I will also oversee editing duties for The Anchor. 

Previously, I was editor of The Wilmette Beacon for about five years, and prior to that, I was editor for a couple of our south papers for a few years. During those years, I interacted with our readers and community leaders on a daily basis. 

Indeed, I learned a lot, especially as I grew up, got married, bought a house and had a child (Desmond, he’s 1 and enjoys playing with trucks and spitting his water.)

Community is a lifeforce. My experience with community guides my optimism amid emergency. We will get through things, even big things like a pandemic, because we will do it together. 

And people who know me wouldn’t call me an optimist. Many may say pessimist; though, I prefer realist. It’s in my nature to view things from all sides, confirm the definite and explore the possible, whether good or bad. It makes me a good journalist.

In the end, like everybody, I do have predictions on how things will turn out, but I am rarely if ever sure. But there is no doubt that we can all get through this.

As we cope with the growing spread of the coronavirus, we must lean on each other as a community — help each other, support each other, talk to each other. When we do that, the trials we endure will only make us stronger and the sacrifices we make will be worth it, whether or not we can count that worth.

It’s an odd feeling. We all understand that by staying home we are helping our community; we are saving lives. But helping in that way makes us feel so helpless. 

We will never know how many lives or whose lives we are saving. There is a chance that going to a restaurant won’t affect a soul. But if there is a chance it could cause numerous within your community to suffer, is it worth it? 

From my experience with community, most of you answered no to that question, and that’s why we all get through this, not because we are worried about ourselves, but because we are worried about each other. 

We look forward to being there for you, as well. All of our coverage of the coronavirus is free online at 

If you have any thoughts, tips or otherwise during this time or any other, do not hesitate to contact me at

Till then, stay thoughtful, stay safe.