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Kathryn Madigan (left), as Judas, and Ben Ancell, as Jesus, perform in the New Trier High School production of “Jesus Christ Superstar.” Photos by Lois Bernstein
Performers (left to right) Charlotte Jaffe, Lizzy Embree, Marie Tasiopoulos, Caroline Swanson and Anita Shubert sing and dance in ensemble number.
Ben Ancell (center),as Jesus, breaks bread with apostles Adina Grossman, Anita Shubert, Jasper Bickers, Isabelle Roberts, Jennine Pono and Ava Bozzo.
Mia Hales, as apostle Sam, sings.
Alexa Burnell, Freelance Reporter
4:30 am CST March 3, 2020
The New Trier Performing Arts Division will celebrate 100 years of the New Trier Choir Opera with the upcoming spring musical, “Jesus Christ Superstar,’’ running Thursday, March 5, through Sunday, March 8.