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Jen Houghton performs a number from “Pinkalicious” at the Glencoe Public Library on Jan. 25. Photos by Alexa Burnell/22nd century Media
Brooke Forman, of Glencoe, creates “Pinkalicious” inspired crafts at the Glencoe Public Library.
Left to right Alexandra Forman, Olivia Rubenstein, Evelyn Perry, Augusta Anderson, all of Glencoe, jam out at the Pinkalicious Jamboree on Jan. 25
Alexa Burnell, Freelance Reporter
4:30 am CST January 29, 2020
Children were tickled pink at the Glencoe Public Library on Jan. 25, thanks to a special performance by the Highland Park Players who presented songs from the colorful musical, “Pinkalicious” during the Pinkalicious Jamboree.